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The role of parents in educating the child

February 21,2011 by: admin

It is a fact that for a child, education begins right from the time it is in its mother’s womb, which is why the activities of an expectant mother are believed to play a vital role in shaping the characteristics and attitude of the child as it grows up. Even after birth, the early childhood days can shape the thinking and attitude of a child. But if that were enough, then none of us would be going to school and college and would be completing our education in the comfort of our home. That is why we need to go through a structured educational curriculum at an educational institution for a complete education. But sometimes there are extraneous roadblocks to a child getting a proper education. That is why federal governments often pursue specific programs to ensure that all stakeholders in child education are properly equipped and empowered to ensure that no child gets left behind.

Why parents play such an important role 

But whatever the schooling and teaching facilities developed by the government or by private institutions, the coaching that a parent can provide at home is invaluable. The most important grooming for a child happens at home, hence parents have a very important role to play. It is up to them to inculcate good learning habits in their children. There are a number of things that a parent can do, or shouldn’t do, in order to create the right learning environment at home.

How parents can contribute in child education 

  • There should be fixed times for television viewing, and playing outdoors with other children of the same age should be mandatory.
  • Daily reading exercises would go a long way in instilling discipline in the child and also foster a love of reading in them.
  • Children should be encouraged to ask questions, no matter how irritating or inconvenient it is for the parents, to ensure that the natural curiosity and scientific temper of the child is not suppressed and is allowed to grow.
  • Since the school that the child goes to will anyway follow the standard educational curriculum, parents can create an alternative creative outlet for their children at home by thinking up ways to make the learning process more fun.
  • Parents can think up ways to demonstrate the basic scientific principles at home with simple experiments with things found at home.

While the importance of a structured formal education and a recognized degree can’t be denied in today’s world, but the schooling by the parents that begin at home in the early childhood of a boy or girl is invaluable in moulding his values and attitudes.

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