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Education and its importance

January 06,2011 by: Carole Harris

Since the early civilizations, the importance of learning has been recognized. The Greeks, especially, are known for their love of learning and education. Alexander the Great, for example, did not forget to build many libraries in most of the countries he conquered. Great Greek philosophers such as Plato and Socrates believed that learning the art of writing and reading benefits more than learning the art of war. Even before, formal education was established; different forms of informal education were already being practiced to feed man’s insatiable desire for more knowledge. 

In modern times, the importance of education is even greater. These days, it is very difficult to find a good job if one does not have a college degree. Because of the competitiveness of the modern society, having a college degree is not enough, graduating from prestigious universities and having a good academic record  are also factored in when looking for a job. Only those with extraordinary talents such as Bill Gates and Michael Jordan can afford to drop out of school. Recent studies done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 14.6 of unemployed people are those who did not finish high school while those who graduated from high school but did not finish college have an unemployment rate of 9.7. Even those with Master’s Degree, Professional Degree and Doctoral Degree do not have jobs. They account for 8.7 percent of unemployed individuals. In contrast, studies of the weekly earnings of employed people showed that those who received higher education also received more. Those with Doctoral Degree can earn $1,532 every week and those with Master’s Degree can earn $1,257. Meanwhile, people who only graduated from high school receive $626 every week. This statistics prove the importance of education. Aside from the financial benefits education brings, it is undeniable that being educated also has many benefits in our lives socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

Educated people are less likely to be involved in crimes than those who only received a few years of schooling. Some studies have also shown that those who at least have college degrees have happier and healthier lives. Governments in different countries understand the importance of education; hence, they allot a large amount of their budget to improve education and to ensure that all children can have the chance to go to school. Sometimes, it is saddening to think that people with many opportunities to be educated do not take their studies seriously while there are many children in war-torn countries that hunger for knowledge but they are not given the chance to learn. Therefore, everyone should study hard and be grateful for the chance to be educated.

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