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Recent Trends in Education

September 24,2010 by: admin

Everyone has heard about the changing trends in fashion and technology, but today there is a new trend in the field of education as well. The traditional forms of education have changed especially as far as higher education is concerned.  Classroom learning is considered as a thing of the past.

With the advent of the internet, and the increasing number of people using it, the entire structure of the working scenario as well as the education scenario has changed. A lot of families are unhappy with the current education patterns in schools such families opt for the home schooling. Home schooling has become a current trend in many of the countries across the globe. In the current education curriculum, the number of books and the entire cost of education is increasing with each year, this is one major reason most of the people prefer the home schooling. For the students who study at home using the online education systems there are various international examinations available. The study materials are easily available.

Another trend in education is self study. A number of students are adopting these techniques which challenge the role of the teachers who were the prime source of imparting knowledge through certain books.  Self study is a rather challenging task but the recent survey has shown that a number if the successful entrepreneurs have got much more knowledge and information from the web as compared to the traditional college that they attended. Majority of these entrepreneurs never attended regular college but followed the self study techniques which proved to be quiet successful. Most f the IB schools have realized the importance of this self study technique and have shifted focus from the traditional examination based evaluation to activity based evaluation.  This technique makes the students more independent as compared to the traditional system where the students are spoon fed with all the information.

A good education system should produce students who have critical thinking abilities and can think practically in any given situation. The present traditional education systems however do not produce such students. The students often require retraining and a complete orientation to the work all over again and often these students are dependant and confined to the bookish knowledge.  Online education has however provided the basis for critical thinking, and has produce students who can think and act according to the situation. These students are more independent.

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