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Health Care Careers

Health Care CareersHealth is wealth they say and that is true. With people’s desire to be always healthy and disease-free, one is willing to spend money for the maintenance of well-being. When it comes to healthcare, not only nurses or doctors can take god care of our health needs. There are some other medical-related personnel that not a lot of us are aware of. This is an article to give a short description to other helpful health care careers. You may check on them and see whether one of them is a career path you may want to take in the future.

One of the in demand non-academic jobs nowadays is the medical transcription locally and internationally, it is a very good market and profitability. A medical transcriptionist is someone who translates or transcribes dictated recordings from doctors and any other medical-related professionals into a written report or document. There would be additional job for him if he does the transcription in a doctor's clinic or office like clerical jobs. But the trend nowadays is a home-based or outsourced transcription.

Thanks to dental technicians, a dentist's job has become lighter. While the dentist to the professional part, the dental technician does the x-ray, teeth cleaning and assist in some dental prosthetics. Other job description includes removal of sutures, creates molds for crowns and other prosthetic procedures and taking down of records and medical history of a patient.

A medical secretary does the same jobs an office secretary does; the difference though is that the former works for a hospital or a doctor's office. For you to check what could be the other jobs a medical secretary does here is a summary of her duty:

-schedules and confirm patient's doctor appointment like consultations and surgeries.

- compiles records, charts and reports on all transactions done in the office

-answers calls for queries

-keeps medical records of patients for future reference

Aside from therapists, being an athletic trainer is also a very fulfilling job if you wish to work in a medical workplace. An athletic trainer examines an injury, treats it and prevents it from worsening. They work with a team of doctors until an injured patient has completely recovered and gained strength. Not only does the duty cover the treatment but also include special diet and exercise recommendation.

Proper diet is important in maintaining one's well being and nutritionists and dieticians' recommendation is needed to insure that good diet is practiced especially to hospital patients. There are different kinds of dieticians and nutritionist but all types work on a main goal- to study and apply an effective food management and nutrition principles. Depending on a person's health condition, there is a specified nutritional or diet plan for him and dieticians plan for a meal to meet the nutrition requirement of patients.

Aside from the possible medical careers one can take, other medical related jobs like occupational therapy, physical therapist assistant, physician assistants, recreational therapist, respiratory therapist and surgical therapists.

The medical world is a very challenging yet very profitable career. With the continuous health care needs of people from any age, gender and lifestyle, there would always be a slot waiting for you. if you are well-equipped with all the skills and knowledge needed in the job you're considering, you'd be an effective being in your chosen field.

There are still many other careers waiting for you in the area of health care. Below are just samples of lucrative courses in this field.