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Social Services Careers

Social Services CareersIf you wish to pursue a very fulfilling career; something that pays higher and at the same time lets you become more social-oriented, a career in the social services is what you should go for. The family, being the main building block of the society is the main focus of the jobs under this career. With a lot of family issues the government and the society encounter every now and then, there would always be a job for interested individuals. Check out some of the possible careers that you may take and see if this is the kind of job you would like to pursue.

All marriages go through tough times and keeping the family intact is what every marriage's goal. But things could be out of control and marriages fall apart. The emotional and mental being of an individual is compromised more often than not. Marriage and family therapists diagnose and come up with treatments of some emotional and mental disorders which rooted from family or marriage problem. The treatment could either be given to the couple, the children or to the whole family.

One of the government's responsibility to its citizens is the provision of quality living and quality living includes a healthy environment. Every individual knows the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle and environment but there are some aspects of them where a health educator's help is needed. Health educators collect and analyze data to identify the needs of communities for them to be able to design a program for the promotion of healthy lifestyle, environment and health policies.

In line with the social welfare, medical and public health social workers help families, individuals or a certain community cope up with diseases-terminal, acute or chronic ones like cancer, Aids or Alzheimer's.

Give service to persons, groups, families, and other vulnerable populations the psychosocial healing they need to overcome or go through with acute, chronic and even terminal illnesses, such as cancer, Alzheimer's, or AIDS. Services encompass guiding family and old people care givers, giving patient counseling and education and doing necessary recommendations and referrals for related social services.

For a person to be considered healthy; he should be healthy in all aspects of his being- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There are times though when an individual tend to have some issues in one or two aspects of his being. This is the role of Medical and Public Health Social Workers.

When the going gets tough and the tough gets going, the mental condition of a person is usually at risk. The common causes of mental burden are depression due to problems maybe at work, family, society or one's private life. A mental health counselor and a substance abuse social worker would be of great help to prevent some possible harmful effects of mental problems that may lead to drug and alcohol addiction.

One's self esteem could greatly be affected due to some physical deformities. These physical deformities could either be due to accidents, illnesses or birth defects. A rehabilitation counselor will help these people be on track again. The ultimate goal of the job is to assist patients in the development of some skills that he may use to be able to get some employment someday and establish a healthy emotional being.

In many areas, Child, Family, and School Social Workers are much in demand. All schools need this. They are also in need of Educational, Vocational, School Counselors, and health educators.

These are just few of the social services you may take. See what fits you and your qualifications. The most important thing in choosing a career path is finding something that pleases you and motivates you the most- that would make you a perfect candidate for the job.