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Technology / Computer / IT Careers

Technology / Computer / IT CareersThe creation of the computers also created a lot of different careers. Every now and then there would be a new technology and innovation being born and for almost a decade now, many of the highest paid and in demand professionals are computer geeks and experts. With the use of computers in almost every field- engineering, medicine, education, film-making and a lot more, one can easily find a job as long as he has the computer skill needed for the job. Below are the computer related jobs that can help you find a good career locally and internationally. Check what fits your skills.

Top computer programmers are hired by top and big companies locally and internationally. The software that computer programmers do are what companies or businesses need. The software is used on mobile phones, computers, phones, planes, internet browser and anything where computers are needed. Computer programmers may develop a new computer game or create several operating systems but works in the same manner; write the program using codes and solve any problem with the software or program they created.

Computer systems analysts develop some hardware and software system that will help the computer complete tasks which they are expected to do. They are also hired to improve a computer system which is already being used. A systems analyst could work for schools, hospitals, organizations, government agencies and all the other entities that uses and depends a lot on computers.

A Computer Support Specialist gives technical help to anyone who uses a computer system. Part of their job would be giving out assistance on hardware and software usage like word processors, operating system, printers and installations.

Database Administrators or a DBA is responsible for keeping the security of a database. Added responsibilities of a database administrator are planning, development and troubleshooting of the database system when things go wrong.

For companies, organizations or businesses that depend a lot on computer system for their internal and external communication, they need a Network and Computer Systems Administrator installs the local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and internet system. A network administrator should make it a point that the network system would always be available.

If the network and computer systems administrators sets up the network system then the Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst evaluates and tests on the effectiveness of the local area network and wide area network system. Recommendation of network data communications hardware and software is also a part of the job.

Heard of semiconductor processors? This is one of the most popular jobs nowadays. These are individuals who work in semiconductor companies. Semiconductors like microchips, computer chips and integrated circuits and are used in the creation of DVD players, cell phones, video games and computers. There are local and international companies who hire skilled individuals on this field, this could be an option you can take.

Important skills would also include development or detailed design drawing and specification for a mechanical equipment with the use of computer-assisted drafting (CAD). There are lucrative jobs waiting for those who can design a blueprint for automobile body or chassis components and revising the design to correct flaws or reduce production problems.

There is a big reason to be thankful for the coming of computers. Lives had been more comfortable and more jobs had been generated.