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Why take up agricultural careers?

September 23,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

There is a rising demand for various resources as the population of the world is continually bursting at the seams. A large number of industries are connected to the agricultural industry through various links and it is no doubt a mainstay of economies all over the world. There are numerous exciting opportunities that combine various disciplines in agriculture and today it is about being able to produce the best food and hardy resistant crops that can give much more in terms of output to the population. There are options ranging from food and agricultural scientists to business related roles to … (more) September 23, 2010

What about those coming from a business background?

September 23,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

Agricultural science is not just about people who are from a science and technology field, there is a lot more that goes on here and people who are from a business environment are vital to its success. When you have the right personnel from a background of economics and agriculture they will be able to determine the best means to marketing, sales, commodity trading, managing the finances and much more. Fibers and textiles are also a highly lucrative part of the agriculture industry where proper management and outsourcing is of utmost importance to generate revenue. addthis_url … (more) September 23, 2010

What are the specializations a student can opt for in this field?

September 23,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

When you have chosen your path and decided to work as an agricultural scientist you should also do a research on the various diverse areas you can work in and what interests you the most. There are mainly four categories to specialize in food science, plant science, animal science and soil science. Based on which area is your strength and where you can make significant contributions you should take up a specialization in one of these disciplines. addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘What+are+the+specializations+a+student+can+opt+for+in+this+field%3F’; addthis_pub = ”; … (more) September 23, 2010

What are some tasks of agricultural scientists?

September 23,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

There are a lot of different aspects to what an agricultural scientist does. Apart from doing a study of farm animals and crops they also investigate ways to boost the production and quality of what is obtained from these resources. By manipulating the genetic makeup of various plants and animals many scientists are setting out to bring newer and better varieties which have combined strengths. There is also the importance of being able to provide better means of preserving, packing and processing plant and animal products to let them last in the market. addthis_url … (more) September 23, 2010

What Opportunities Are Waiting For Me With A Career In Agriculture?

July 07,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

Among the main reasons a person chooses a career is the promise of a bright and successful future. And when one says agriculture career, the first thing that comes to mind is farming, hard labor and plowing the land for hours under the scorching heat of the sun. Indeed, a long-standing belief commonly held by the general population is that agriculture is a poor man’s job with little opportunities for growth and development. But in all actuality, agriculture is much, much more than that. In fact, around sixteen percent of all US commerce is related to agriculture. In addition, out … (more) July 7, 2010