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What is the job description of an interior designer?

September 25,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

Job description of an interior designer depends upon what kind of interior designer you want to be.

If you want to design spaces for homes and other private properties, then creativity rules the rooster. Adding creativity to the place, while keeping in mind the specific requirements of the customers, is an important part of designing homes. If you want to be a commercial interior designer, then you have to adhere more to the rules and standards set by the concerned departments. 

Hotels, malls, stores all pretty much are the same in the layout, but only the art and creativity depends greatly on the interior designer. If you are interested I n the entertainment industry, then you have a career option there too. You can be the creative director and design the sets for movies and plays. Unique and highly creative ideas are encouraged if you want to make it big there. There are a number of different specializations in interior designing these days. You can be a green designer, specializing in use if eco friendly and natural materials for construction. Everything you design depends completely on conceptualization of the mood associated with the place.

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