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What Are Some Of The Variety Of Careers For Those In The Protective Services?

October 30,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

A career path in protective services is extremely diverse and there are a large number of options available to people who choose this path. It can range from a number of roles from being police men, fire service workers, animal control workers, criminal justice agents and officers such as a guardian, security guards, game wardens and more. I am sure form all these terms you have gauged that the scope and roles involved are extremely varied and allow for a wide area of interests and roles for those interested.

What is the role of a animal control worker?

If your interest lie in working with animals and protection then you can work in a capacity where you investigate incidents of animal cruelty or ill treatment, interview witnesses, collect and collate evidence and reports, capture and remove stray animals or harmful animals using tranquilizers or darts when necessary. There will also be the need to examine animals for mistreatment of malnutrition if required. Inspecting establishments to see that proper treatment and care for animals is there is also part of the role and warning and citations may also be issued based on the authority of the official in case there is infarction of a rule.

What do game wardens do?

The role of a game warden is generally in areas such as national reserve. It involves caring for the various animals and species in that reserve while also making notes on the conditions and patterns exhibited. The game warden in also in charge of making sure that protected species are not hunted and that proper care and regulations are followed by people who visit reserves in preserving the habitat.

What roles does a guardian ad litem fulfill?

There are opportunities for legal and social work students who wish to work more in a family oriented setting to begin work as a guardian ad litem. This role is important particularly in cases where the interest of a minor child is involved and the child has been violated in some way. Such people are appointed by the judge to observe and report the conditions of the child at home, school and any other environment and make completely honest and unbiased report s to the court. A guardian ad litem may also have powers granted by the court to subpoena any important witnesses to ensure their appearance in a court proceeding.

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