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What are my options if I take up a career in Education?

September 09,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

You could choose to be an Educational Administrator, a Principal, an Adult Literacy Teacher, a Postsecondary Teacher, a Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and High School Teacher, a Special Education Teacher or a Teaching Assistant and Aide.

An Educational Administrator is hired in daycare centers, schools, preschools, colleges and universities. School activities are managed by the educational administrator. They lead educational institution. Also, they can work at museums, businesses and other community service associations in the purpose of directing their educational projects. They lead and support other faculty members of a certain school. They also handle communications with students and parents, with their employers and the community.

Principals are in charge of affairs within secondary, middle and elementary schools. They see to it that they hire competent staff for the institution. They evaluate other faculty and staff within the organization for improvement of skills and abilities which will influence their students’ performances.  They also work hand in hand with other teachers in fixing the school’s curriculum. The principal also rates his or her faculty and staff and salaries are usually based on these evaluations.

Adult Literacy Teachers or remedial education teachers teach self-enrichment classes like painting, dancing, cooking, computer skills as well as family budgeting. These kinds of teachers offer classes usually to those who are not in school, young or old. They usually teach basic literacy lessons such as writing, reading and speaking as well as basic mathematics.

Postsecondary teachers work at universities and colleges as faculty or teaching assistants. They hold vocational subjects as well as academic courses to students beyond high school. They lead students, graduate or undergraduate, in completing lab work and host seminars and hold educational lectures.

Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers try different teaching techniques and methods to assist their students in comprehending ideas and applying these ideas in subjects like science, English, history and math. They use creative teaching props and other teaching materials to aid in children’s learning.

Special Education teachers teach children and youth with various disabilities. They teach basic literacy as well as necessary skills to students with autism or mental retardation. They modify the educational curriculum depending on the kind and level of disabilities their students have.

Teaching Assistants or aides help other teachers in instructional tasks and paper work to give more time for the teacher to prepare for lessons. The teaching assistant assists the teacher in supervising students in doing different activities inside or outside the classroom.

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