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What Does Being An Educational Specialist Entail?

October 28,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

Do you aspire to be a specialist in all areas pertaining to education? Do you have a desire to be part of the change and the force behind the school’s progress and advancement? Do you wish to work as a teacher, counselor, principal or head of a board of education that formulates the policies and decides on what is best in education? An education specialist degree can give you an opportunity to do all this and more and it is an intermediate level between a master’s degree and a doctoral degree.

What are the requirements to pursue an Ed. S degree?

In order to do a specialist degree in education there are certain requirements. Firstly a person must have had adequate years of experience in teaching. In case of many nationally accredited colleges a master’s degree in education is also mandatory. International applicants will need to show proficiency scores in English and GRE to qualify for the course which for a full timer takes 6 years for completion. You can do the course form top universities online or offline through a traditional campus education.

What specializations are important and what options are available?

Once in the course and preparing for the completion students may choose an area of specialization based on their areas of interest for their future. There are multiple areas to choose from such as educational leadership, educational administration, advanced curriculum and instruction, school counseling, school psychology among others. Students can decide on which option suits them best during the course, additionally having done a master’s degree in education enhances one’s completion after this specialist degree.

What does the program involve and require?

The program requires individuals to be quick and think on their feet. It is not only about teaching but also research. A big part of the research in the program is to design curriculum in a specific subject area. Applicants may have to design a curriculum in a chosen area from beginner to middle school level. There are varied options following completion of the degree from a management level post to being in traditional teaching or other roles.

What roles are available and what pay is there for these specialists?

Upon completion a candidate can take up various roles according to interest and opportunities available either online or offline. Once credentials are established and the candidate is set in the work there is very good pay prospects ranging from $40,000 onwards

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