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What Is A Career In Automotive Design About?

October 29,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

As a kid you may have loved to sketch bikes and cars. Flashy designs and speed may have been the most impressive things to you in vehicles. If you aspire to really have a hand in designing these beauties and your passion is fueled by making these dazzling wheels come alive then a career in automotive design could be your calling. Automotive design is not just about the aesthetics and appearance. It is also to do with creating innovative concepts to be implemented, concepts that will improve the performance and working of these vehicles.

What skill sets are necessary and what does the work entail?

In order to become part of this world of design and engineering you will need to do courses that work around the design and visualization process. Students not only learn how to design using various computer applications and tools but also to sketch attractive models in 3 dimensions. Ergonomics of the vehicle and its styling and color are also essential to the process. Automotive designers are the ones who are responsible for the various features such as safety, comfort, quality, style and function. Designers also have to be constantly aware of new trends and designing ideas to keep churning out the best in the industry which is highly competitive and ever changing.

What is the education required to be an automotive engineer?

The path to becoming an automotive designer becomes early. Growing increasingly comfortable with two dimensional sketches during the school years is very important. Then a student can opt for an engineering degree with a specialization in industrial design or transportation design. Transportation design is the more preferred choice to get into vehicle designing in the future and this specialization is not widely offered.  During a four year course they will learn design theory and drawing among other subjects. The credentials of the school and faculty are important to the career of the student as it will be the path to a future job. Computing and model making are also essential areas of study along with the mechanics of vehicles. It is important to be aware of industry standards and compliance requirements and to always stay abreast of the latest events to emerge top of the class.

What are prospective opportunities like?

The job market is more open to engineers in automotive design than designers. An engineer who has done additional courses to aid the design process will be highly valued.  It is a niche market and internships are important in molding the student and could be a prospective employment opportunity.

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