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What are the careers in Healing Art?

September 15,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

Healing Art careers embrace a wide range of trade in wellness so an incoming student has many choices to pick from. It involves courses in Natural medicine, Energy medicine, Massage Therapy and other fields of Healing Art Career. Most if not all of it does not include invasive method to cure the sick or to bring back vitality. Natural Medicine deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human disorders utilizing natural methods and products or materials therapeutically. It could be cleansing or detoxifying the body with some capsulated herbs which is usually in combination with conventional medicine. It constitute aromatherapy, … (more) September 15, 2010

What are the benefits of pursuing a Healing Art career?

September 14,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

There are several benefits that can be derived from taking a Healing Art career. First, it teaches graduates self-care. Knowledge in Anatomy and physiology subject, herbs and essential oils accompanied with skill in massage therapy teaches one to heal herself when the situation calls for it. For instance, if you feel muscle pain, you can be able to execute self massage or posture exercise because you know what muscles to squeeze and pressure point to pin down. This is most especially if you are located distant to where the hospital is to seek relief. Self care could spare you from … (more) September 14, 2010

What are ‘healing arts’?

September 06,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

In the broadest sense, healing arts involve the art of creating a harmony between the mind, the body and the spirit. Healing arts involve the interaction and manipulation of body systems using alternative, traditional and natural means or methods. These healing arts developed – or rather, gained popularity – with the increase in illnesses and a perceived decrease in drug effectiveness, prompting patients to choose alternative or complementary health sciences as means for pain and disease management. Careers in healing arts involve a lot of traditional medicines and discipline, which may also require a certain degree of education as … (more) September 6, 2010

What are my options if I take up a career in Healing?

September 05,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

You can choose to take up may career options in healing arts. You can explore areas in massage therapy, holistic health, herbal medicine, reflexology, chiropractic and naturopathy. Career options in healing arts that involve herbal medicine comprise of acupuncture, homeopathy, Oriental Medicine, naturopathy & holistic health workers. Naturopathic professionals give treatment with both Western and Oriental herbal medicines. With this career, you are required to have a lot of training. You have to take courses on botanical medicine, phytochemistry, plant substances, cell chemistry and pharmacy (plant).   There is varying professional outlook and income potential in different jobs in healing … (more) September 5, 2010

How popular is acupuncture when it comes to an alternative healing therapy?

August 13,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

An avenue that has been growing in popularity is Acupuncture. Often methods like acupuncture may be combined along with allopathic medicine to achieve results particularly for treatments involving stimulation of delicate nerves and so on. These are oriental methods which are now turning out to be highly popular avenues that are being preferred by people in addition to traditional medicine. Acupuncture is one method of treatment that must be done only by well qualified professionals. addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘How+popular+is+acupuncture+when+it+comes+to+an+alternative+healing+therapy%3F’; addthis_pub = ”; August 13, 2010