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What is the nature of work of a lawyer?

August 06,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

There are different kinds of lawyers and your nature of work depends upon the kind of law you practice. 

There are two major categories under which you can practice law – Litigation and transaction. Litigation lawyers have to handle all procedures related to a courtroom trial. They should possess all the necessary litigation skills to argue in a courtroom for their clients. They should possess exceptional communication skills and they must be good speakers which is a requirement in order to carry out the trial process. 

Transaction lawyers on the other hand deal with all legal matters that do not involve a courtroom trial. They usually deal with all the paperwork related to law and they provide advice to their clients in different legal matters involving any kind of paper work. They are usually employed by corporate organizations and individuals, as legal advisors. They do paper work like writing a will, matters related to filing patents and legal matters involving business transactions in corporate firms.

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