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What Is The Scope Of A Career In Social Work?

November 01,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

A career in social work requires a lot of different skills and commitment to change. It is about liberation and empowerment of the individual along with being a negotiator and partner to issues and concerns of people and society. It is path that is less tread and requires close work with people and relationships. If you want a career which offers emotional fulfillment along with financial remuneration then this is the ideal choice for you.

What are the various roles donned by a social worker?

Social work is not about fixing people’s problems. You are not working as a problem solver in entirety but as a path to a possible solution derived from working through the situation with people and networks. A social worker counsels, organizes conferences and spreads awareness about issues, starts various health services and programs. There is an important need to understand that there is a vast difference in how individuals and society function. They are two separate entities that are dynamic and influence one another.

What qualifications are necessary?

In order to get into this line of work you will need at minimum, a basic degree which is a bachelor’s in social work. People with a degree in psychology and sociology may also get into this line of work at an entry level. Those individuals who have done a master’s degree in social work are specifically required for certain higher positions although many also have to begin at an entry level but climb faster on account of having a higher degree. Those who want to do research or teach at universities will need to have a doctorate degree to do so. Many states also need the social workers to be registered or certified in order to practice and use titles professionally.

What other areas of work are there?

There are many multiple and diverse areas that a social worker is needed in and can contribute to. In schools, clinical settings, psychiatric departments, criminology and correctional institutions, community organizations, as researchers and even in industrial scenarios. Growing awareness for the need to such facilitators is making way for many new avenues in companies and corporate as well.  A median annual salary earned by these workers is in the range of about $33,000.

Social workers who wish to make use of opportunities in research will find a lot of different avenues and problems to deal with. It requires commitment and time on part of the individual to make progress and contribute positively to changes and growth.

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