How do I find a good scholarship?

April 30,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

If you have real limited resources for a college education, scholarships could be your best vehicle to aim for that diploma. Just keep reading and find some information and ways on how to land a good scholarship. Invest a little more time finding for scholarships at least a year before going to college. This will give you ample time to check on the school’s academic ad athletic background, the benefits scholars get, the courses offered and the quality of education provided. Doing a comparison is a good help for you to come up with the right choice of college … (more) April 30, 2010

What could be some of my college education savings options?

April 29,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

There are a number of ways on how one can prepare for college education. You can try to cut down on your expenses then set aside the cash that you were able to save but there would be better and safer way to prepare for the future. We all know how expensive it is having a college diploma but if you start saving now then it would be easier sending your child or yourself to college. Here are few of the risk proof ways to save for you in preparation for college. While finding some ways to save … (more) April 29, 2010

I once read that the Coverdell savings plan is a good way to save for college, is it really recommended? How does it work?

April 28,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

The Coverdell Savings plan or ESA is a type of savings which mainly aims to save money in preparation for a college education. Unlike all the other educational savings plan that only allows a beneficiary to use the money in college, the ESA could be used for primary and secondary as well. The beneficiary of this said plan can have the option to go to a private, public or religious school. Money saved under this account will only be withdrawn for the payment for all the educational expenses. The bright side of saving under ESA is that all withdrawals done … (more) April 28, 2010

What can a student like me do to save a little more money to support my college education?

April 27,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

The expenses going to college is not a joke. Aside from the sky-high tuition fee, there are a lot others things a student or a parent need to spend on to complete the college education. These expenses though should not stop one from pursuing a college diploma for there are things that one can do to support himself while enrolled in college. If you have limited resources to have a smooth-sailing journey through college, applying for a scholarship is a sure way to go to college with very least or even no expense at all. But what if you … (more) April 27, 2010

How Can I Save Money While Attending College?

April 26,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

There actually are a number of ways on how one can save or earn extra money while attending school. A lot of these sound really easy but a little hard to apply. One needs great control and motivation to be able to do. so if you wanted and needed to save money for college, here are some things that you could get started with. If you have some special interests or skills, check out the school whether there are scholarships that you could apply for. There are some scholarships that shoulder all the education expenses while others only pay for … (more) April 26, 2010