What is the impact of distance learning on career prospects?

January 31,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

Getting a full time employment seems to be the primary objective of most people irrespective of their educational abilities and background. But to many it may not be the ultimate provider financially. One has to take care of various financial obligations associated with the day to day life and save for the future as well. You may need to be better qualified to get a higher compensating job to meet all these. Here is where distance learning comes as a ray of hope. A person can obtain more educational/professional qualifications through distance learning without affecting his current employment prospects. It … (more) January 31, 2011

What are the benefits of taking online classes?

January 30,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

You can now find it relatively easy to earn credit without attending classes. By taking up the online classes offered by your university you can do so. By taking up online classes you will also able to reduce the physical load a class requires. Though you have to do all the work, you will be at your liberty to draw your own schedule to execute. You may be compelled by the well structured online classes to meet deadlines on your assignments and exams and attend group discussions during certain periods of time.  But these tasks can be molded according to … (more) January 30, 2011

What is distance learning and its significance?

January 29,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

Much unlike we’ve been raised to believe, obtaining education is no more a huge problem. The internet and advancing technology on the whole have helped people gain a degree without much hassle. There are a number of accredited schools and colleges that provide students degree programs over the internet. This form of learning is called as distance learning. Yes, you can complete your education and choose your career without worrying about not having enough time at hand. An increasing number of people are choosing distance learning as an option because of the numerous advantages it has. Learning over the internet … (more) January 29, 2011

What are the various technological advancements in the field of online education?

January 28,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

Online education is widely referred as e-learning and this term is used to denote a broader meaning to online education than the computer based or aided educational format it is normally attributed to. However e-learning, more than the technology, is depicted for the learning process using computers and other such mediums that serves the purpose. Online education can also be imparted through mobile phones in that case it will be referred as M-learning. This e-learning technology is the most suitable for online education because of its flexibility. Clubbed with face-to-face learning this process has become known as blended learning. An … (more) January 28, 2011

What are the main factors to consider before applying for any online degree?

January 27,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

With so many great options available on the online study front, more people are eager to enroll and obtain higher qualifications from the environment of their homes. This also enables the working community to adjust to their office and study schedules effectively. But there are several factors associated to an online degree which an aspiring learner must ponder before joining any such degree course. Accreditation of an online degree is a must to prove its legitimacy. The most recognized form of approval is the regional accreditations. Nationally accredited schools offered online degrees are also being accepted as they are recognized … (more) January 27, 2011