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Why should my employer pay for my education?

October 04,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

Whatever the economy situation is, large corporations, multimillion companies, small businesses, and even shops still compete with each other. They try all they could to make their businesses be on top of every consumer’s mouth. So, in order for these establishments to rise above the others, they need to have employees who are skillful, knowledgeable and handy.

For them to have such employees they must then hire employees who have degrees from any university or college. However, knowing a few college graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, these people ask for a higher pay especially when they know that they are in demand. Also, most establishments such as restaurants and book shops, have employees who only reached high school and then they no longer continue their education to college since college seem expensive. This lessens the competitiveness of most businesses, especially in today’s fluctuating and unreliable economy. So what could and should an employer do? Well, it’s either an employer would hire employees with Bachelor degrees and pay for a higher price for their services or they could stick to their high school level graduate employees and pay for their education instead.

College education I quite expensive that is why most workers or employees only finish their high school and then ignore any possibility of a higher education even if they wanted to acquire them. That is where employers step in and help. Help their employees be better at their jobs and as an employee, and help their businesses to reach a competitiveness level that would make them at the top of their business field.

If employers not only invest on the business that they have built and thought of but also to their employees, these companies are sure to have a higher probability on succeeding in their line. For example, if all internet and computer shop employees had a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology then the internet or computer shop would achieve a higher success rate since their employees are able to attend to whatever computer problems their customers would have.

Employees who have been financially helped by companies and employers with the employee’s education have the highest possibility of staying at the company and remaining loyal to that company. So, if employers would help their employees acquire a higher form of education or specialization that the company would benefit from then the company would not only be investing on a higher income but also on a better employee who would trust them at the same time they could trust.

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