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Is online education a valid means of pursuing education?

February 14,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

Till some years back, education was treated as an unavoidable aspect of a student’s life which could be availed through classroom teaching. Attending class room lectures were the only means through which higher degrees could be availed. This made education less accessible to students living at far off places. The scene has changed today. With the advent of modern technology, education has become easy to access and has crossed all boundaries to impart equal and quality education to all. Online education therefore is one of the many super innovative ideas that humans could have discovered.

Presence of some basic infrastructures with one time expenses incurred is all that is required to complete education through online. A computer, internet connection and the latest Microsoft version are the few applications that will be needed to avail quality education from repeated institutes irrespective of where the student accesses the computer. While for young students pursuing degree courses through regular classes cannot be a very big concern but for working people giving extra time to pursue educational goals after finishing off the daily work responsibility would act like a burden. For example an MBA degree is thought to be the most preferred degree for managerial jobs. This calls for good job offers as well as hefty hike in pay cheques. An employee would therefore be very much interested in pursuing an MBA course to horn his professional skills. This will be possible for him only when he gets the convenience of attending the classes at his place and time. This situation is possible only through online education.

The other positive feature about distance education is that the degree options available are of varied kind. More and more specialisation courses have been introduced which might not be resent in regular degree course system. A student can therefore select a degree course in accordance to his interest and existing skill. He need not have to pursue a course not related to his field but giving him a merge degree to hold on to. This makes online education more meaningful.

Initially the mode of instruction was thought to be a drawback of online education. But with the improvements made in the modern information technology, students sitting at home can participate in a seminar held some hundred miles away. Group discussion, sharing of ideas and concepts has also become an integral part of online education.

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