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What are the major flaws of the online classes?

February 18,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

Online classes have many distinct advantages that a normal class conducted at a school or college cannot have. But there are also some disadvantages in online classes that may not go well with some students.

While studying online you are entirely on your own and have to teach yourself with out the assistance of any faculty. This is the major flaw that can be found in online education that can have a telling effect on the mind-set of a student taking online classes.

Online education is sought mostly by people who are already involved in some kind of paying job or students who are not able to attend regular colleges due to lack of money support. Either way these people belong to a category that has to work in order to meet their expenses. Between working and taking care of family obligations it will be hard for these people to spare time for online classes.

Attending a traditional school or college has a set time table that is strictly followed by students where as online classes have no such set time table to observe, hence the slacking of resolve for a regular online study session. In a conventional class room certain degree of discipline is maintained in attending classes and completing tasks assigned to students. Students are governed by regulations imposed by teachers and they keep track of the progress made by each student. Where as, in a online class study the student is entirely his own master, and there is nobody who could check or guide his progress. Here studies are held at leisurely pace and one tends to postpone tasks to be completed for the last moments resulting in the failure of finishing assignments.

When there is no time frame allotted to each study task, then the temptation to postpone it becomes greater leading to clogging of unfinished assignments. Some time an online student can while away the time without ever touching the study material for months together, then fail to get any credit from the studies.

There is rarely any interaction in online classes. This could prove to be another disadvantage. Lack of face-to-face interaction may prevent a student from getting the first hand impression of participating students’ expressions and view on a certain subject matter.

Online degrees and diplomas come at a cost. If there is no sufficient amount of motivation a learner could well end up loosing the race on an online class room.

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