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What is online education and the various advantages associated to it?

February 20,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

Due to various physical and financial constraints, more and more students are being forced to leave their studies halfway to meet their financial needs. Here online education comes to their rescue as they are able to complete their educational aspirations even when doing a job.

Online education is an educational program that delivers credit granting programs via the World Wide Web. The courses have been designed to benefit students who have for some reasons or the other failed to complete their formal education or degree course.  The system of online education has facilitated the onset of an era of education without boundaries. With accreditation of a number of online universities the degrees that these universities offer are being recognised all over the world and also in the job market.


  1. On line education has broken all boundaries to offer quality education across the world irrespective of the region or place that an applicant lives in.
  2. While students with the classroom education program might have to migrate away from places for getting a particular degree, on line education has provided that opportunity to students to get their degree from their homes without having to take the trouble of migrating out.
  3. Online education is much cost effective than the classroom programs. The fee structure and other expenses are preferably less. Since students who do not have easy access to education need to travel and spend money on lodging near to their educational centres, therefore the expenses that are incurred in normal classroom teaching is higher. On the contrary, online education on any subject or program can be availed without the expenses that are to be met for travelling and lodging.
  4. Job holders who want to enhance their professional skills while in the job can also get an online specialized degree without having to hamper his present occupation. Many employees take this opportunity to advance their professional acumen and are rewarded by the company management for the same with an increase in their pay hike or a promotion.
  5. The degrees that are obtained from the online universities are valid and hold well in the job market. A student has the freedom to pursue two degree courses at a time.
  6. In online education, student teacher interaction occurs at a time convenient to the student. He can take his classes even after he has finished his other regular responsibilities.

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