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What is the difference between online and traditional classes?

February 06,2011 by: Maxim Thomas

The onset of information technology has revolutionised the modern day education. Mid career professionals, students who do not have easy access to higher educational degrees get the opportunity through online classes to gain acumen in their areas of specialization without having to interfere with their daily job related responsibilities. With the advent of technology, the differences between online classes and traditional classes have started to blur.

Online classes vs traditional classes

  1. Online classes are primarily offered through the internet. No teacher student interaction takes place at a regular basis. In traditional classes, learning takes place through direct interaction between the instructor and the student.
  1. In traditional classroom teaching students have to follow a strict schedule that is decided by the educational institute. Students are bound to time and have to reschedule their other responsibilities in accordance with their traditional classes. On line classes give the students the opportunity to study at their own space and time. No fixed schedules are followed and the students need not have to ignore their other responsibilities for taking online classes.
  2. In traditional classes, course materials are provided by the teacher in the class itself. Discussions take place within the classroom and all doubts that a student may hold get cleared instantly. In online teaching however, course material gets provided in the form of audio or video texts. Course materials can be downloaded from different portals but the downside of the system lies in the fact hat due to lack of direct interaction student’s queries do not get instantly cleared.
  3. The basic requirement for online and traditional classes varies a lot. While on line classes require a computer and access to internet. Traditional classroom system requires a whole lot of infrastructural set up. Labs, classes, teachers, libraries, office workers, toilets etc are some of the very minimum requirements in traditional classroom systems.
  4. Since the requirements to set up online classes are so less therefore the expenses too are the least. In traditional classroom programs, the infrastructure set up will cost a huge amount of money. Maintenance of the infrastructure as well as other related costs are recurring costs unlike in online classroom programs where the establishment costs are all one time investments.

On line classes can be attended by all irrespective of their age and occupation. Since traditional classes follow strict rules so students are grouped age wise for a particular curricula. Moreover these classes require regular attendance unlike on line classes.

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