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Growing greens and careers with agriculture

November 01,2010 by: Dallas Browne

With all the hype about going back to green nowadays, opting for an agriculture career may be a good idea especially if you’re in to the green movement and sustainable lifestyle. Though some may think agriculture is a small paying field of work or a boring career path, they must have not heard of the opportunities that await those who pursue the career.

Developments in science and technology nowadays have created a whole now window of opportunities for the agriculture field to bloom. Just like other fields, the technologies improve the agriculture field and along with it is the increasing concern for going back to the safer and environmentally friendly solutions to our current environmental crises.

The Pros of going green with agriculture

The field is just teeming with possibilities for people who are interested. Agriculture is not only concerned with the mere process of just planting, cultivating and growing plants or food crops, it is also involved in major research in the field of food production and the likes. And, as mentioned above, the growing need for countries to go back to the basics and promote a more sustainable living for their citizens call on for interested people who would want to make a difference. This means that even once non-agricultural countries that have a decent budget, invest in the long term development of a slowly reviving industry.

Not only that this spells eco-friendly ways but it’s also a healthier option for countries especially those who lack the natural resources and the abundance of knowledgeable individuals in the field. Pursuing a career in agriculture may put you in farming, plant cultivation, research, horticulture and even teaching. One of the more well-known agriculture schools in the world is the International Rice Research Institute. Located in the Philippines, it offers world class education for those who wish to venture into rice cultivation and development. Of course, it’s just once of the many distinguishable institutions devoted to the further development of the field of agriculture.  Another good thing about pursuing a career in agriculture is the opportunity to go beyond the status quo of just learning agricultural knowledge. Students and professionals learn about financing, managing, economics and even computer science if pursuit of the development of the course. And as a plus, even the study of fibers such as cotton and wool can be pursued in agriculture. And as an incentive, agriculture graduates can opt to pursue government related work or even a commercial farming career.

Most degrees in agriculture consist of 3 to 4 years of study and you will have the option to pursue a specialization of your choice. And learning materials are also relatively easy to find since the library is virtually online now with all the online publications and book shops.

If you may want to pursue a career in agriculture, you probably won’t have a better time to start now. The whole eco bandwagon is strolling down to recruit more and more people into creating a more sustainable and cost effective solutions to our global environmental problems.

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