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What it means to be a forester: A Career Guide

April 01,2010 by: Dallas Browne

If you are that passionate about saving Mother Nature, then becoming a forester is the way to go.

Though a lot has been said and done about saving nature and mother earth, some went as far as posing nude just to grab attention and save some of furry friends, nothing beats having a career as a Forester. Even the internet is bursting with advertisements how to join and be part of “green movements” that aim to protect what is left of Mother Nature. But can virtual memberships really stop deforestation and protect endangered tarsiers?

By having a degree as a Forester, you will be able to practice forestry. It is the art, science and the profession of managing forests. Forests are; we all know for a fact, the breeding ground of almost all animals and the “ground zero” of Mother Nature. Foresters are knowledgeable and have the skills that are needed to manage and lead in activities like ecological restoration, timber harvesting and the restoration of protected areas.

 Foresters are often times confused with being the same as loggers. There is actually a big difference between the two. A forester is concerned not only with the harvest of timber but also with the sustainable managements of forests while loggers; on the other hand is more concerned only on the number or harvest of timbers. A remarkable forester by the name of Jack Westoby once said that “forestry is not concerned with trees but with how trees can serve people.” Even Gifford Pinchot, a noted forester also was quoted saying that foresters “provide the greatest good for the greatest number of people.”

It is indeed an achievement to be able to be one among the list of concerned individuals who has the heart to sacrifice hours on forests not just to collect something from it but also to be aware of its needs. Globally, there is an increase in awareness regarding the depletion of Mother Nature that is mainly because of the abuse of humans. On the other hand, there are also some who has dedicated to take their cause to a professional level.

Some people shoe their passion on saving the earth by taking up courses that will make them experts when it comes to the restoration of the forests. By doing so, a gleam of hope for our future and the future generation is unveiled.  Not only that, because foresters base their studies on scientific experiments, its effectiveness is hardly to doubt. Another thing to consider is that the average pay for a forester is at an average – $46,000, not bad for someone who is starting out a career.

We are one with Mother Nature – her waters and her forests. Her destruction is also ours in the making. Deciding on having a career as a Forester is one way of showing that there are still a lot of humans who knows how important these forests are to us. By saving these forests from extinction, we are already doing ourselves a favor and the next generation. Indeed, it’s true that a tree can save a hundred lives.

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