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Taking A Career In Arts Design

July 30,2010 by: Dallas Browne

If you are imaginative and creative and have a passion to make art, then you might enjoy a career in arts design. People enjoy and are attracted to anything that is aesthetically beautiful and, as an artist, it is your job to make designs that would attract their attention and make them want more of it.

There are four known career paths in arts design, and they are:

  • Art Directors

     These artists are the ones who develop design concepts for their clients, who are usually from the media. They are also in charge of overseeing the creation and production processes of art designing.

  • Craft Artists

     These are the artists who make the art items by hand. They make such craft objects like candles, tapestries, and pottery to be sold or showcased in exhibits.

  • Fine Artists

     These are the artists who create paintings, sculptures, and illustrations. Their works are usually displayed and sold in galleries and even in museums.

  • Multimedia Artists

     These artists work for the film industry and electronic media companies. It is their job to create images and animation for movies, videos, and any other kind of electronic media.

Around 60% of artists are self-employed, and they sell their own work through a variety of means. These self-employed artists coordinate with commercial and non-profit galleries to sell their works at a commission, and they also sell their work out of their studio or through websites on the Internet. But commercial artists find work in institutions such as museums, galleries, advertising agencies, and media outlets. Of the four mentioned career paths, the multimedia artists are most fortunate because there is a demand for their skills of making images for media.

­­­Commercial artists and industrial designers earn an average of $54, 000, and they face an employment growth of 7%. Meanwhile, art directors earn a regular salary of $68, 000 – $88, 000 each year and they may even earn higher if their works and designs are more impressive. Fine artists earn an average of $42, 000 annually, while craft artists earn about $32, 000. While multimedia artists earn around $52, 000 a year for their animations and image making, though that figure does not apply to those who are self-employed.

If you want to pursue your career in arts design, then you have a lot to prepare for other than your creativity and imagination. You need to decide how you would want to work, such as if you want to be a total creative artist or work in an industry that would make use of your art.

If you choose to go freelance, then you would have the freedom to choose your own projects, to have a flexible schedule, and to be able to work on your own pace. But you would have to handle the issues of finances, public relations, legal issues and what else. If you prefer working for a company, then you have to abide to their rules and maybe adjust your art style for their sake. But the good part about that is you would have benefits for your services to the company. So take you pick, and persevere in your arts design career.

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