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The Different Faces Of Arts Design Careers

July 08,2010 by: Dallas Browne

If you have great imagination and creativity then a career in arts design is perfect for you. If you have what it takes to be an artist then here are the four typical artist categories: arts directors, craft artists, multimedia artists and fine artists.

Art directors are artists who develop concepts of design for the media and manage the creation and the whole process of production. Craft artists create works of arts like potteries, creative candles, tapestries for the purpose of either selling them or displaying them on exhibits. Multimedia artists work for film and any other electronic media and create images for films. They are the ones responsible why we now enjoy animated and 3D movies.

Almost 60% of all artists are self-employed and for the privately employed, you may find them in schools, movie outfits or studios, galleries, museums, advertising agencies and publications.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the growth of employment in art-related career is expected to increase by 16% through the year 2016. with the expected growth though, the competition gets tougher. With the increase of the demand for special and catchy effects for movies, video games and television, arts design career becomes more favorable for animators and multimedia artists. Another career that could is waiting for you is the medical illustration which is highly in demand due to growing medical researches.

The average pay for artists may range from $32,000 for craft artists while an art director could get paid as much as $88,000 and even higher depending on how impressive the work is.

If you have a good artistic ability and a burning desire to help individuals with some emotional troubles then a career in arts therapy could be the career for you. Art therapists are mental counselors who use creative processes and stuff like work of arts to help in the healing process. An art therapist could work on places like prisons, shelters, schools, mental health facilities and hospitals or may choose to be a private practitioner.

To be a qualified arts therapist, one needs a master’s degree which is focused on psychology with a background on art therapy and an actual contact or practice with clients for one thousand hours after graduation.

Here are some basic information and figures that can help you decide what art design career you may want to pursue;

Professional animators and multi-media artists will be highly sought and an increase of 26% in demand is seen (multimedia artists and animators earn roughly $52,000 though the figure given may not apply for self-employed animators.) while commercial and industrial designers will have an average 7% growth and could make an average pay of $54,000.

For aspiring fashion designers, the highest demand and concentration of such professionals are in the city of New York and California.

If you wish to be the best in the arts design careers that you’ve chosen, never limit your capabilities and learning for employers of course prefer the more skilled graduates. Make sure that your choice of school or university can provide you of the kind of training needed to be an effective artist in your chosen specialization.

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