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Travel writing – seeing the colors of the world and earning bucks one place at a time

November 16,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Traveling is such an exciting way to enjoy your self especially after a year of company work. It can rejuvenate you and give you that jolt of energy to get back to your routines. You can be a citizen of the world if you want; no barriers, walls or office desks to stop you from reaching your next destination. you can see different cultures and experience them first hand. You can taste the world famous dishes and visit the popular landmarks that you would only normally see in postcards. But who says that traveling can’t be a way to earn money?

Traveling can be just a pastime for others, a mere R&R to revive their burned out nerves. But it can also be a means to earn cash and even be considered a full time job. Aside from trying to be a local guide for some place out there, you can try to become a travel writer. You know, you can be one of those people who get paid for traveling and recording the hell-of-an-experience it was on their blog or even on magazine articles or newspapers’ travel sections.

It can be a very rewarding job since you can get to travel the world and you are being paid to do it. Not only are you enjoying, but you are also earning cash, too. But wait, don’t get too excited yet, you must first know how to snag a travel writing job first before you go around the world just to end up getting broke enough that you can’t go back home. There are different things that you must consider when aspiring for the travel writer position in a magazine or newspaper:

1. First of all, build up your credentials. The most effective way to do this is to travel. And travel often. You can start with the smaller adventures at first then try on upgrading on your next travel destination.

2. You can’t be a travel writer if you can’t right for squat. Make sure that you record your exploits in your own unique style that can be easily read and understood by your would-be readers. The key to getting that spot on that magazine is a solid writing base so that you can invite more readers for them. This will not just help the print label or even the travel agency you’re working for but it will also be undoubtedly good for your career as a travel writer extraordinaire.

3. After you polish on your writing skills, make sure that you lure readers to read your blog site, article or section in the magazine you’re working for. Check out the latest place-to-be and find out the most interesting things you can put on your travel journal.

4. Don’t forget to keep at it. Following a travel journal can be very enjoyable and fun but following a deadbeat journal with about 4months of wait in intervals of stories can spell disaster; a boring death follows for the blog site and its writer. Continue posting on a regular basis to keep your followers’ eyes peeled for your next travel destination and adventure stint.

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