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A fashion designers’ job description

December 14,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Fashion designing is one of the fields where competition among job-seekers is expected. The creativity and glamour associated with this career draw more and more people to enter the industry.

Designers are not just concerned with the final product because they, first and foremost, have to study trends in the field. Among the popular tasks a fashion designer is assigned to include: sketching designs, assigning fabrics and colors and then assessing the quality of the final product. Designers who are particularly concerned with creating clothes for women, men and children are called clothing designers. Fashion designers who develop particular products such as belts, handbags, hats, eyewear and scarves are called accessory designers while those who help design and produce boots and shoes are called as footwear designers.

Today, fashion designers have the option of using computer aided design (CAD) instead of sketching their masterpieces by hand. This computer powered technique can allow designers to try their designs on a virtual model. The shapes and colors can also be altered making adjustments of design a lot easier, faster and far less costly. Fashion designers are generally responsible for creating designs, picking fabrics and colors and supervising technical designers who will materialize the design. In some companies fashion designers are also responsible of making prototypes and collaborate with manufacturers and dealers in the production.

Some fashion designers work for apparel manufacturers to create clothing, footwear and accessories for the larger market while others specialize in designing costumes for motion pictures, performing arts or TV productions.

A bachelor’s or associate degree is usually required for one to be fashion designer. Coursework that are necessary includes textile, sewing, color, tailoring, fashion history, pattern making and computer aided design. Background in mathematics, human anatomy and psychology is also functional. Other fashion designers pursued marketing and business degree.

Experience and exposure in fashion design is an advantage which will enable one to compete with other applicants. Also, a high sense of proportion and balance and an eye for details are qualities that designers must possess. The ability to sketch and some collection of personal designing works can also contribute to one’s success or failure in getting the job.

In 2008, 31% of fashion designers were employed in piece goods, apparel and wholesalers while 13% were part of apparel manufacturers.

The competition for fashion designing job is projected increase given that there are just so many people who want to be part of such a glamorous industry. Despite the increase in the number of applicants, the number of opportunities available in the said field is not expected to increase dramatically. In general there will be demands for fresh designs for clothing, footwear and accessories that are not just fashionable but are also affordable for the majority of people. This demand however does not promise a gigantic wave of available fashion designing jobs.

The median yearly salary for fashion designers is $61,160. For those who were employed by the largest fashion industries like management of enterprises and companies received median annual pay of $72,560; for cut and stitch apparel manufacturing fashion designers were paid $66,000; in piece goods and apparel wholesalers designers received $61,600 and in specialized design service fashion designers were annually paid with $59,560.

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