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The Perks of Having a Career in Marketing

February 03,2010 by: Dallas Browne

How does one end up to be a marketing manager who is sought after by multi-billion companies? 

The answer is simple. Be the expert when it comes to marketing any kind of product (from baby foods to sophisticated luggage). This way, you will be turning small scale industries to big time companies by simply applying marketing strategies that you have studied and have proven to be effective. It is not surprising if time comes and your name will be synonymous to Midas who turns everything he touches into gold! How about that?

A career in marketing has a long way to go. Those who have a degree as marketing managers are considered to be the “jack-of-all-trades” in the business world. This is because you can end up in any of the departments in an office. You can be counted in the marketing department, the financial department and even in the research department. The skills and knowledge that you will acquire in this course is far more applicable to be contained in only one department.

Plus, there is an opportunity for growth (personally and career-wise) for marketing graduates. You can either continue your studies and earn a master degree in education or work on the ladder of success and be a company’s marketing director. Marketing directors are the one who are responsible when it comes to market segments, advertisements, consumer’s satisfactory rating and a lot more. They can be considered the “backbone” of any industry or business.

If you are mostly interested in analyzing markets, studying a product’s potential and profitability, developing strategies to achieve the highest number of sales of a product and knowing what might be the next item that will go on sale, then the career path on marketing you are planning on is the right thing.

It usually takes 2 to 3 years to finish a marketing course. Depending on the student, he can even do this via online classes. This gives a student the opportunity to have a job and at the same time finish a career. Due to the many advantages of online classes, the popularity of online universities sprouted overnight also; thus, leaving prospective students with a lot of choices with regards to their future careers.

A marketing manager has the following responsibilities: market and environment research, influence the level, timing and composition of a customer, the application of marketing techniques and strategies and sometimes even to act as an overall manager in a company. They should also be and are expected to be knowledgeable in terms of customer analysis, company analysis and competitor analysis. 

The rewards of having a career as a marketing manager are great especially if your passion is directed towards excelling in the said field. Success in this field starts with choosing a college or university that has what it takes to be a partner in your goals. This also means that upon choosing a university and enrolling on a marketing course, you are already on the verge of starting a successful future and career. You can either go online and check on the details and requirements of the course or visit a university.

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