Careers in criminal justice

November 04,2010 by: Dallas Browne

At first thought, criminal justice careers may ultimately sound dangerous at first. There’s the misconception that you’d always have to be in direct contact with criminals, dealing with security matters and etc. But you must understand that it is the nature of your chosen field but still, you have different choices – you even have the option to go to that riskier side of the field. But for those who are looking to keep their options open, here are some career paths that you may want to consider:

Legal assistant – this job is basically providing service to more experienced legal professionals like lawyers and etc. You will be of great help to these professionals by keeping their records in order, making interviews, following up court proceedings and researching for possible cases and etc. This is the kind of job you’d want to find if you want to stay real far from the security area.

Forensic scientist – This is for the analytical person or even for the CSI addict who wants to get a piece of the action for him/herself. This is a high paying job that requires intimate knowledge of analytical techniques and advanced scientific know-how to be able to process those crime scene evidences. You would be usually working solo as scientist but you would be required to collaborate with the lead investigators in efforts to solve the case. Plus, you’d be required to handle those cool high tech gadgets to catch those baddies out there through the evidence they leave behind.

Criminal Investigator – This is the real hands-on job so far in this list. You will have to be in the forefront of the entire investigation. You’d be interviewing suspects, victims, witnesses and etc. and you will be directly involved in the investigation process. You’d also have to make frequent court room appearances to present the results and developments of  your investigation

Crime Scene Analyst – This is the job that requires good attention to detail and advanced data keeping. You should be able to know the evidence and how they should be handled at all times. You will be in charge of the evidence and you must also have great accuracy with your work and your findings. You’d be occasionally called to the courtroom for statements regarding the findings on the crime scene. You may need to have extra guts for this job, however, since you will be actually going to the places where the crimes happened.

Court Reporter – This job gets the farthest away from the real threat that criminal justice careers pose. You will spend most of your time in the court room recording the sessions and hearings. You must be very accurate so as to not interfere with the proceedings of the court. Every data, fact and evidence must be clearly noted in your report. This is an important part of the whole court system since this job acts as the recording tool in which every case is immortalized in records and files. Without a competent court reporter, everything in a hearing can be considered just oral tradition.

There are a lot other careers that you may opt for after taking up Criminal Justice. These are but mere examples to give you a brief idea of the possible job possibilities.

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