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Keeping your country safe: Homeland security careers

February 03,2010 by: Dallas Browne

The tragedy of September 11 will always be a reminder of how the security of our nation is always at risk. The gruesome power of hurricane Katrina shows us that, sometimes, it simply cannot be prevented. However, the resilience of the American people and the continued prosperity of the nation have proven that we can survive through the most horrible of tragedies and calamities. If you are an individual with a strong urge to keep your country safe, a career in homeland security will be perfect for you.

The task of keeping the country safe is a very complicated and difficult task which requires much manpower. Due to the considerable strength and effort it requires, there are many jobs available under this career. However, the expertise in which one needs to cultivate varies among the different positions. This is why training for homeland security can range from a four-week crash course to several years of postsecondary education.

While being a security professional can be difficult, it can also be quite gratifying and reliable as a career choice. Following the September 11 attack, Homeland Security became the biggest government agency which required at least 183,000 employees under its name.

While many people believe that the rise in Homeland Security is an offshoot effect of the 9/11 attacks, this is largely a false idea. This agency prioritizes emergencies regarding national security as well as mitigating the effects of natural calamities. It is part of the democratic agenda of ensuring the protection of all American citizens. However, it was the Homeland Security Act of 2002, along with the Patriot Act, which widened the network of this agency regarding national security.

Although there are many controversies regarding the scope, powers and reach of this agency, it cannot be denied that their contribution to the nation is quite timely. In an age where terrorism lurks like an invisible axe over the heads of the American people, it cannot be denied that we need to protect ourselves.

In training yourself for a career in Homeland Security, you will find yourself offered a wide variety of topics. Beginning from the controversial study regarding weapons of mass destruction to basic emergency management, soon you will become an expert in the field of protection services. You can easily select which specialization would suit your interests and talents. Therefore, you need to select which school to enrol in if you have a very straightforward idea in your mind.

It does not hurt to plan your career ahead. In fact, many schools prefer their students to be committed to their chosen field. Plan as early as you possibly can and you will be able to move further and faster than your contemporaries.

Moreover, due to the vital training you undergo as a possible profession in Homeland Security, you can easily shift to other careers even after your training. Your specialization in local and international legal system can help you prepare for a career in law or other management trainings can help you gain a career in any organized institutions.

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