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Helping Emerald Eyed Children See the World Further

August 06,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Not every child is born normal. We have to face the fact that there are children who are born with only one arm, three fingers, with ears that cannot hear, with eyes that cannot see and with a brain that has an Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder which is otherwise known as ADHD or autism. These children who are born with disabilities are known as the children with emerald eyes or the special children.

Education is a must since it is every child’s right to obtain a proper education. So, whether the child is a regular child or a special child, he or she still has the right to a proper education. However, teaching special children is a hard task for both the parent and the teacher. That is why there is what we call the special education teachers.

Special education teachers are trained to talk to deaf children, to help the blind see the beauties of the world and they are trained to teach children who do not even bother their existence. These teachers work with grade, middle and secondary school level students. They are also trained to have a large amount of patience and perseverance to help these children attain the education that is rightfully theirs.

Special education teachers are supposed to be very creative and very organized. They use a lot of different methods so that they would be able to help special students comprehend with whatever their teacher is teaching them. These teachers adjust to the capacity of the children that they are helping. They try all the possibilities they could to accommodate their students. For example, when a special child is taking an exam, the special education teacher would try and lengthen the time so that his or her student would have ample time to answer the exam.

In a special education school, each of their special students is provided with their own education program known as the Individualized Education Program or the IEP. The IEP is designed by the teacher for a particular student. The IEP designed shows what kind of educational material a student might respond positively to.

Aside from helping a special child improve academically, special education teachers also helps the child develop a better behavior. Typically, special education teachers develop a child’s emotional awareness as well as social. They help the child feel comfortable with what is around them and to acknowledge that they must behave properly in social institutions.

Special education teachers must have a degree in teaching before they could teach these children. It is highly recommended for these teachers to have a strong background on child psychology to help the children better. Compared to regular general knowledge teachers, special teachers have longer periods of studying to fit their students. In 2002, special education teachers had an average earning of $41,350 for middle school teachers while others had $33,500 to $52,370.

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