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Why the World Needs Educators

September 02,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Most people may see any profession in education as something created only for those whose dreams are simple and whose skills and wisdom are just too bland to keep up with other financially-rewarding occupations. Most would see themselves sitting on executive chairs, dealing with huge company problems, managing a thousand other employees and pocketing large amounts of compensations at the end of the day. This is called big dream if you really consider the monetary rewards. Only few will come volunteering to become a teacher.

But this does not mean that teachers are always not paid well. Everything depends on the need. The work of a teacher is not as simple as it may seem. It does not only include everyday classroom instructions and evaluating and checking of work and putting them in record. It does not only mean that you need to rot amidst a huge pile of books and paper works. Neither is it bounded only in images of getting mad at rude students or smiling at the good ones.

The fast paced world is indeed in need of educators who are willing to help those who are seeking for knowledge and skills. The world is in need of teachers who are understanding and kind and who can potentials in anyone enrolled in their classes. The world needs teachers in order to keep man updated with the rapid changes. The knowledge to be acquired in schools is essential in improving lives more than ever.

It is understandable if a person would aim for jobs that are seen as elite but is not fair to think that education careers are just for those who cannot contain the complexities of other courses. One should understand how noble being an educator is. Without our teachers, we might end up ignorant and dumb. Without our teachers, we might have not been where we are today. Without our teachers, the entire world may have already been an avenue of fools.

Education careers are very rewarding if you go beyond monetary measurement of success. This does not mea that you earn only a few bucks being a teacher. Actually, a teacher is a millionaire. Touching the lives of every individual and being able to become an agent of improvement for them is more than what money can offer. The learned student from your class will definitely go out of the world someday and become an asset to the society. This reward is indeed something more precious that financial compensations.

Whether you want to be a classroom teacher, a teacher’s aide, a principal, an assistant principal, or a director, being a part of an educational institution is something to be proud of. A school is a person’s primary source of formal education to equip him with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to succeed. The absence of teachers and educational institutions will make this world the worst place to live in. Go beyond material rewards and feel the enduring prize of being in any of those education careers.

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