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Broadcast And Sound Engineers: Stop. Look. And Listen

August 16,2010 by: Dallas Browne

When one talks of engineering the most common notion would be the ones who make the buildings, the roads and our houses. This, however, is just one of the many sides of engineering. There are a lot of engineering careers like civil engineering which is the most common, chemical engineering, biological engineering and many more. Many, in fact, see engineering as a heavy and serious career. What only few know is that engineering is also entertaining and very much light. This is because there are what we call as broadcast and sound engineers.

Broadcast and sound engineers maintain, operate and update electrical equipments involved both in radio and television industry. They also operate in concerts, theater plays, sound and musical recordings and in movies and television shows. Because of a wide variety of possible professions under this field, broadcast and sound engineers have a lot of specializations.

First there is what we call as the audio and video equipment technicians. These are the ones who maintain and operate video and audio equipments like microphones, video screens and projectors, and sound and mixing boards. Aside from these audio and video equipments, these audio and video equipment technicians also aid in the lighting system of wherever they are working at.

Second are the broadcast technicians. These are the ones who make sure that we hear and see television and radio shows in our radios and televisions. They are the ones who switch which camera in the studio would be best seen on the screen.

Third are the sound engineering technicians who are the ones responsible in making the songs and music we hear everyday sound the way they do. These are the ones who mix, synchronize and reproduce certain music. They, in fact, are the ones who hear the new songs first and even sung by the artists live!

Then there is what we call the radio operators. They are the ones who make sure that sound is transmitted all over their range. They are also the handymen who fix faulty equipments and maintain them.

With our new technology now, broadcasting and sound engineers have had a lesser time trying to fit one sound to the other because now they could use the computer’s efficiency to make a sound or a video clip work. So, now, broadcasting and sound engineers are required to have a knowledge on computer usage, language and software.

In 2004 the total earnings of these engineers added up to $24,180 to $58,620. Music is one of the most entertaining things and the most popular hobby there is around the world which is why broadcast and sound engineers would always have a job opportunity for them.

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