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Focusing the Lens on Chemical Engineers

August 19,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Chemistry and physics are not the only focus of chemical engineers. They also need to have knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering. Chemical engineers also specialize in other things that help the environment. They focus on areas such as pollution control, oxidation and even the construction of plastic. Chemical engineers are called other names depending on what they specialize in like for plastic engineers. Plastic engineers are chemical engineers who deal with the production and development of plastic.

Aside from addressing environmental issues, chemical engineers also work in several industries such as in companies which make chemicals, petroleum and electronics. We use chemicals in a lot of ways such as in food preservation and the production of our usual necessities such as clothes. Chemical engineers are the ones who develop the processes and the factories which provide us clothes and other things.

A chemical engineer’s job starts when a chemist discovers a new paint color or a new chemical or anything new in chemistry. They set these new discoveries in action that would be usable by the society. They design the machinery in newly constructed buildings. They calculate and experiment on various industrial processes to know their benefits. Then, after constructing plants and industrial processes they are the ones who estimate the number of people in a factory, the cost that would take the factory to create their products.

Before a chemical engineer recommends to build a plant or do a process, they also consider what this factory or process would do to our environment. In order to test the capacity of the plant that these engineers plan to do they make small scale pilot plant that would be their test if their factory would harm the environment or not.

Other chemical engineers look through the construction of new facilities. They teach operators how to use the machines in these new facilities. They also are the ones who test these new facilities and equipment. We could also find chemical engineers who deal with a plant’s everyday problems. They are the ones who make sure that the standard cost of the plant’s production is met and they are the ones who make sure that the plant functions better every day.

Chemical engineers have also entered the realm of other sciences in our generation. We could now also find chemical engineers in fields of biotechnology, bioreactors design for plants and the ecosystem and also in electronics.

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