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The Specializations in Engineering

September 04,2010 by: Dallas Browne

The Federal Government’s Standard Occupational Classification or SOC System considers seventeen engineering specialties that infuse the wonders of mathematics and science. It is a must to understand that there are other numerous specialties as identified by other professional societies and each of these are major branches of engineering which are still divided into hundreds of subdivisions. An engineer may opt to specialize in one particular industry or technology. For instance, motor vehicle is one specialization and turbines and semiconductor materials is an example of its subdivisions.

There are engineers that focus on aerospace. Their responsibilities include the testing and supervision of the creation of missiles, aircraft and spacecraft. There is a big difference between astronautical engineers and aeronautical engineers. The former refers to those who specialize in spacecrafts while the latter are experts in aircrafts. Engineering careers in aerospace are expected to come up with new technologies which can be used for guidance, control, communication and navigation for defense systems, space explorations and aviations. Aerospace products that are involved in these fields are commercial aircraft, helicopters, military fighter jets, missiles, spacecraft and rockets.

On the other hand, engineering careers could also include those who want to specialize in plants and biology. Agricultural engineers apply their knowledge for the efficient use of abundant environmental sources. Professionally, these people are commonly known as agricultural or biological engineers. If you are interested in this subdivision, you should be able to find enthusiasm in sensors, equipment, machinery, structures and other equipment use for the effective storage of crops and food products.

Moreover, some people may find it hard to dwell in crops or aircrafts that they settle for something which seems more interesting for them which is medical and health related concerns. These people are called biomedical engineers. These are specializing in developing procedures and devices that could enhance the implementation of interventions for fitness and for the solution of health and medical-related problems. Their knowledge in engineering practices combined with their learning in biology is enough to provide them what it takes to succeed in their field.

Chemical engineers are those who are able to utilize their knowledge of chemistry principles in providing the answers to unresolved questions in the production and use of chemicals. These engineers are known to make designs for processes and equipment covering the large-scale manufacturing for chemicals. Chemical engineers take the responsibility of manning industries that deal with electronics, clothing, food and paper. They also work in different environments like biotechnology, business and healthcare services. If you want to be one of those famous chemical engineers, you need to have the power to fuse the principles of mathematics, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Computer engineers, civil engineers and electrical engineers are just a few of the many other fields of specialization in engineering careers. For no matter what field will you be landing in tomorrow, all you need to understand is the importance of your role. Fulfilling them with your knowledge and skills ill definitely change this society into something progressive and more improved.

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