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Flaming A Career In Fire Sciences

July 27,2010 by: Dallas Browne

In 2008 over 3,320 civilians were killed by fire. With only this data we could say that fire is a dangerous thing to play with and it could destroy thousands of lives and properties amounting to over a million dollars. So, to help reduce these death and property destructions we have fire science. Fire science is a collegiate degree which prepares its students to fight fire and save lives and properties.

Fire science produces firefighters, smoke jumper or volunteer firefighter, fire investigators, and fire marshals. A firefighter’s job depends on his or her specialization. As stated above he could be a fire marshal or the ones who stop fires from eating more casualties and properties. A fire investigator is someone who would be the one who would search for the possible reasons why a fire accident occurred. Smoke jumpers are the ones who put out forest fires. Firefighters work in various fields and environments. They could work in the city, in the middle of the forest, in an office or in an institution like the fire departments of each state.

In 2010, firefighters would earn annual salary of more or less $56,450. However, this salary varies on what the firefighter’s field or job title is like for example, a fire investigator has about an annual salary for 2010 of $49,000, a fire inspector has an annual average salary of $44,700 and fire chief has about $74,000 annual salary as of 2010.

According the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics there would be a 19% growth increase in the rate of job openings for fire science majors between 2008 and 2018. This is caused by the influx of immigrants in the country plus the conversion of voluntary firefighters to paid ones.

In becoming a firefighter, usually the department, agency or company that would hire you would only require you to at least have a high school diploma. However, there are also some who would require you to have a degree that might be related to firefighting. This means that these social institutions would require you to have a degree in fire science. There are universities and colleges which offer both a two year fire science course as well as a four year fire science degree. Science courses that are offered under the degree of fire science are fire prevention, CPR, combustion, fire behavior, fire basics, building constructions and building materials.

Getting a career in fire science would guarantee you to have a bountiful career and you would be able to help many people.

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