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Bring back the handy man – rediscover the wonders of skilled trade

November 07,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Living in a world of technology and scientific breakthroughs, one would think that the only ‘in’ jobs right now are those that require P.h.D.’s in something like nuclear physics or marine biology. Although some part of that is true, not all jobs require scholastic education to make a decent living out of it. And also, in a world of theories and researches and all that intellectual jazz, the hands-on aspect of life is quickly being forgotten. Nowadays, we hire all sorts of professionals to do work for us; like a simple plumbing leak or a squeaky door or faulty wiring. … (more) November 7, 2010

Alternative Courses to get a high Quality Job

July 07,2010 by: Dallas Browne

There are millions of blue-collar jobs that are open in many first world countries today. For this reason, many people from abroad are given opportunities to get a job easily. Not only are they given jobs, but also opportunities of getting immigrant visas with their family. Hence, their quality of living can be improved. Blue-collar jobs fall under trade skill services and these kinds of jobs are known to be high-paying. It is also believed that trade skill jobs are not that easy to employ such that proper training is needed in order to promote quality work output. There are … (more) July 7, 2010

Problems In The Employment Industry

June 20,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Finding a job is such a difficult task, especially in today’s modern society. While every country is moving towards globalization, the employment industry seems to be more competitive. Employment analysts say that there are many jobs available but individuals lack the competencies to obtain the job. Another scenario which is observed about employment nowadays, is that there are too many individuals acquiring education in the medical field such as nursing, caregiver, medical assistant, therapists and others. Although there is a high demand of job opening for these courses, not all graduates and board passers land into the same field of … (more) June 20, 2010

Electrify your Life, Become an Electrician

April 07,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Generally, the job of an electrician is more stable than most. Moreover, it is easy to establish your own boss and create a pool of clients. The average hourly rate of electricians is $21 but those who own their businesses can earn more. Appliances and other gadgets that characterize the comforts of modern technology run on electricity. As a basic necessity for all households, jobs which involve electricity is actually more recession-proof than most! An electrician is responsible for almost anything related to electricity. In the stage of constructing anything, they are needed to ensure that the structure is properly … (more) April 7, 2010

Building a Career as Assemblers and Fabricators

February 03,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Beginning from the Industrial Revolution, skilled trade careers have been the building blocks of the great capitalist economy that currently fuels global trade. Basically, without the expertise of millions of Americans equipped with skills, the country could never have prospered. In light of the dreary economic recession that greeted the Obama administration, innovations and skills of assemblers and fabricators have never been more in demand. The tasks of assemblers and fabricators can range from the simplest to the most complex tasks. Basically, they can be found at the heart of the manufacturing industry. They can assemble both finished and unfinished … (more) February 3, 2010