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Child Care For A Challenging Career

July 18,2010 by: Dallas Browne

A profession in Social Work tends to promote social changes, provides solutions to human relationships and empowers individuals in enhancing their happiness and liberty. If you are a person with compassion towards relevant social issues then there is a career waiting for you then.  A career in Social Work is not just all about extending help to people who need you but in time turns out to be a profession.  A social work career is not a conventional option for a career but with the rising issues on poverty, social problem, mental health problems and drug abuse, social workers have become a significant part of today’s society.

Most people who pursue a career on Social Work are those who wanted to achieve an emotional fulfillment rather than financial purposes.

There are several careers that you can pursue under social services. If children do take a special part of your heart then you can be a child minder. There too are several reason to consider being a child minder, a registered that is. A rewarding career that can allow you to be the boss of your own and run business from home; those are the benefits you can get from pursuing the career.

Part of a registered child minder’s job includes:

  • Providing a happy environment
  • Making sure that the children grow and develop into better individuals
  • Meeting up with other child minders and getting to know about the local community and
  • Making sure that each and every child under your take is well loved and taken good care of.

There are several child minding types that you can choose from depending on where you are more comfortable at.

Over-7a child minding is not required to be registered. They are exclusively for minding children who are eight years old and over. Over-7a child minders usually work from home and are usually self-employed.

Here are some of the responsibilities of over-7child minder are a follow:

  • Support the children with their homework
  • Pick and drop children to and from their school
  • Provide a relaxed and secured environment for the children

Child minder on domestic premises usually works with three other child minders could pass for registered child minders.

There are also child minders who work for disabled children. A good child minder should focus on the child as being a person and an individual and not on his disability. The approach is called the social model of disability. 

In preparation for a child minding career, you should possess the following traits:

  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Loving, caring, patient
  • Responsible and trustworthy
  • Aware of child protection
  • Well-rounded on child raising and
  • Excellent understanding to children

A child minder’s pay depends on how many children she takes good care of in one household and the rate is usually negotiable. The average fee would range from three to five pounds an hour for each child. A beginning child minder could earn up to six to ten thousand pounds annually while an experienced one can earn as much as fifteen thousand pounds a year.

If you think that the responsibilities of a child minder is exciting and challenging for you then a career is waiting for you.

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