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Have a Social Service Career that Fits You

June 23,2010 by: Dallas Browne

When finding for a course or major in the university, it is not just important that you choose something which is of your interest but also you should consider whether it could help you land a good job easily.

One career that you may consider is social service. A social worker provides advise, counseling and support to individuals who have some social troubles like disability, depression, alcoholism, homelessness and abuse. Part of a social worker’s job is providing a proper environment that could help them cope with their personal social issues and be able to meet their needs.

One may choose from any of the following social service specialization:

  • family
  • elderly
  • children
  • clinical
  • medical work

An effective and efficient social worker is one who could communicate well with people he deals with. Aside from being able to reach out to other people, he too should have good listening and interpersonal skills, strong dedication in the promotion of the people’s welfare and sensitive to all their needs. When you possess all of these qualities then you are a good social worker in the making.

To be a social worker, a bachelor’s degree in Social Work is a minimum requirement though graduates of Psychology and Sociology can pass for an entry level. When you are eyeing for a supervisory or administrative social service slot, a higher education is needed like a master’s degree in Social Work.

Depending on one’s experience, education and location, the salary could range from $25,000 to $60,000 making competition in the urban and suburbs really tough. According to the Department of Labor, a fast growth in the social services careers is expected through 2014.

There are different fields or aspects a social worker could choose. Read on the brief descriptions for each and see which one you think you could fit the most.

A medical social worker is one who helps patients suffering from chronic or terminal diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer and their families be emotionally ready and be able to cope up with the circumstances. You can either work in nursing homes, hospitals, private care facilities or public institutions.

A substance abuse social worker helps people who are substance-dependents cope up with their addiction; it could either be drugs or alcohol. Part of the job also includes talking to their family and explaining to them the issues and challenges a patient goes through.

They may also work with families of substance abusers to help them understand the issues and challenges that the abuser faces.

A clinical social work could choose to work in a hospital, child welfare agency, mental health institution or do a private practice. Unlike all the other types of social service career which deals on supporting some advocates, clinical social workers provide counseling, diagnostics and psychotherapy when needed.

Another career you may consider is family social work. It focuses on keeping the family in tact by providing advice and educates them on how it should function properly. Parents are educated on how to raise children, how they could deal with problems regarding their social and personal concerns and access to support services. This career does not just focus on one member but the whole family.

Choose what fits you and be the best in the field you’ve chosen.

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