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Having a Career in Social Services

August 03,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Are you looking for work that lets you interact with so many people and possibly make a difference in their lives? Then a career in social services could be just what you want to do, because you would have plenty of opportunities to discover here and you could even help turn someone’s life for the better while you are at it.

Social workers’ job is to improve people’s lives, and help them cope and come to terms with the issues that plague them in their daily lives. Such issues include disabilities, social problems, domestic conflicts, and a lot of other things that troubles their clients. Social workers could specialize in catering to a particular social group and work setting. They also participate in other activities such as research, policy development, and volunteer work.

The demands for social workers in the job market are expected to grow from 2008-2018, when it would increase by about 16%. And they have already held about 642, 000 jobs since 2008 where 54% of them work in healthcare and social assistance industries, while 31% work in government agencies.

Here are some of the different kinds of social workers and their specialties:

  • Child, family, and school social workers

     These social workers help in the improving the situation of children and their families, in which they assess their needs and help them solve their problems if there are. They could also be found working in the school setting where they act as guides for students and could even conduct classes to teach certain societal issues.

  • Medical and public health social workers

     These social workers give support to people who are unfortunate to have chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses. They could be found working in hospitals, nursing facilities, and local government agencies where they support and comfort the sick and ailing. They also work in interdisciplinary teams to evaluate patients with certain illnesses.

  • Mental health and substance abuse social workers

     These social workers specialize in individual and group therapy, outreach programs, social rehabilitation, crisis intervention, and teaching skills to help people with substance abuse problems or mental disabilities. They also assist in supportive services that would help rehabilitate the client and ready him or her to reintegrate back to society.

  • Work administrators, researchers, planners, policymakers

     These are the other types of social workers who develop and put into effect programs that address problematic issues in society.

You need at least a bachelor’s degree to enter this career, or a high school diploma if you want to start as a social and human service assistant. Some positions require an advanced degree, and maybe a license or certification depending on which state you are in. You also need to have taken social science majors such as psychology and sociology for this career, because what you have learned in these majors are what you are going to put into use on the field.

Make use of what you have learned and skills you have developed in the social sciences. You would need all the help you could get to help the least fortunate of our population to cope and improve their lives.

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