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Information that can help you establish a social services career

July 12,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Social work is a career for people who have strong determination in improving people’s lives and social being. Daily life, relationships, personal and family problem and unemployment are just some of the common social issues that social workers deal on. Aside from that there are also special careers on social service like those who help and support the disabled, terminally or chronically sick or substance abusers.

The abovementioned types of social workers do have a direct contact or communication with the people they deal with but there are also social worker types who just come up with ways on how social issues are addressed like the planners, policymakers and administrators. They research and analyze the programs, policies and regulations on homelessness, poverty, child abuse, addiction and violence before they are finally implemented. Aside from identifying the root cause of the problems, they also find ways to resolve them like fund raisings and grants.

Social workers are usually in offices or home facilities but their job also calls for local travels to visit clients, sponsors or attend meetings. Social work is a career that is actually achieving yet could be challenging and could be pressuring especially when you have to work in an under-stuffed agency with huge load of cases. Most hospitals and care facilities employ a team with a combination of varied medical allied staff like health aides, registered nurses and clinical specialists.

A forty-hour week work time is the standard schedule for full-time social workers though they occasionally would work in the evening and even weekends for meetings and some emergencies. For voluntary nonprofit agencies, most social workers are employed in a part time basis.

To be a social worker, a the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in Social Work but for entry levels degree holders in Sociology and Psychology are qualified especially in small community agencies. Regulations in employing and qualifications in some states vary but all requires certifications, registrations and licensure.
A bachelor’s degree in Social Work is a preparation for future social workers for direct slots and experience in human behavior, promotion of social and economic justice, social research methods and practice in social welfare. For accredited programs, a four hundred- hour supervised field experience is a requirement.

A bachelor’s degree is a sufficient requirement for a social work career but a higher position like supervisory or administrative, a more advanced degree like masters in Social Work is a must. A doctorate in Social Work would qualify one for a teaching position in schools or universities; a Ph.D. or a DSW.

Aside from their academic qualifications, social workers should be objective, mature emotionally and is sensitive to the other people’s problems. The expected pay for a social worker is $32,000-$48,000.

In 2006, there are about 595,000 jobs for social workers. Five out of ten held health care jobs and three out of ten are state-employed by the local government. Most of the social workers are employed in the urban and suburb areas but there are those who chose to work in the rural areas.

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