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Lend a helping hand – care for others, pursue a job in the social service field

November 08,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Given all the world’s worries and problems, one may opt to think that helping his/her self is fine enough. That doing everything to rid the self with pain and discomfort is the only thing left to do. But there are other people who still want to make a difference in other people’s lives instead of just going about their lives, apathetic to the lives of others. This is a noble cause and this is the reason why some people choose to work as a social worker.

A social worker is more inclined to help others in distress and/or unfavorable situations. He/she is the person that enters into society with the hopes of helping and caring for people who might have just lost the will to do it for themselves. As like any other profession, being a social worker needs proper education to assess the situation and deliver the solution fit for the problem. The profession needs a highly specialized framework to guide the would-be workers into effectively perform their role in the field. One can align his/her area of interest with studies, researches and theories to effectively and smartly address the problem at hand. This may range from intervention techniques up to rehabilitation strategies and counseling.

Aside from education, one may ask how one can become a social worker. How can one strike at the core of the problem? This will be difficult to answer especially if one is unclear about whom one wants to help in pursuing a career in social services. If you are planning to get into the field, you must know who you want to help. There are different courses that you must take that depend on the area on which you want to give service to. Here are some of the areas that you may want to consider:

One of the areas that need rigorous attention in the field is the family with domestic abuse. This is specially identified with children and women being abused inside the confines of the family or home.

The elderly need special attention also since most, if not all, is already abandoned by their family or relatives due to their old age and/or degenerative diseases.

People with substance abuse problems very much need help and intervention since it is a very difficult backwater to get back up from. These are usually people who’ve had too much problems in their lives that the only rational solution for them at those times was to succumb to the temporary pleasures that different addictive substances provide them.

The people in the correctional institutions need help, too. Their confinement in the institutions alters their whole image of society and their preparation to go back to the outside world must be taken into mind.

And lastly, people with mental and physical problems need constant guidance and care since they are almost always incapable of doing so for themselves.

Providing hope and help for these people can be difficult but it can be very rewarding. The next thing to do is get properly equipped to face these obstacles in helping these people get back on their feet. Classes will aim to equip future social workers such as you, if you may decide to go on with the career with : proper skills to assess the people’s needs effectively, help the people in setting goals and help them achieve these marks and a connection to the people in need to monitor their progress in reaching their set goals.

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