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Educational Options for Military Personnel: Financial Aid

October 29,2012 by: Dallas Browne

The education options for personnel in military differ from normal college-based educational prospect. There are lot of decisions a military personnel should make before planning on pursuing further education. The 2 most important decisions of all are; the type of schooling/ college and financial aid. The type of school or college depends based on whether or not they are going to study while on duty. There are many military friendly colleges in the US that provide educational programs that are flexible for military personnel. These colleges offer courses for people on duty, their spouses and children of military personnel and … (more) October 29, 2012

Employer Tuition Assistance Program: What You Should Know

October 22,2012 by: Dallas Browne

The first place an employee approaches while he or she plans on pursuing further education is the employer. In most cases employee tuition fee is availed by people who plan to study while they work. They take up weekend classes or online courses that are approved and eligible for an employee benefit. Many companies use this as a retention tool to hold back skilled employees. This helps build trust, as well as to sign up a contract between the employee and employer. Reports show that almost 8.7% of undergraduate and 20.5% of graduates take employer tuition assistance in the whole … (more) October 22, 2012