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Montgomery G.I. Bill Aid and Other Educational Aids Available to U.S. Military Personnel

April 30,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Military Aid for their personnel as student aid is available in various types to help them in pursuing certain educational courses so that they could develop themselves in their military careers and also lead a better life with prospective employment after they leave the military. This military aid information specifically addresses the various educational aid programs to military personnel, veterans, and their dependents. Montgomery G.I. Bill The main military aid program for military personnel of the U.S. is the Montgomery G.I. Bill, Chapter 31. This is a vocational rehabilitation program intended to help eligible service members in active duty, as … (more) April 30, 2013

Employer tuition assistance is benefit for Employers and Some Employees

April 05,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Several employees have benefited over the past many decades due to the employer tuition assistance that their employers offered to them. This tuition assistance or free education program included reimbursement of certain types of tuition fees. Companies are allowed to pay up to 90% of the costs that the employee spends in earning a bachelor degree in whichever field the employee wants to get the degree. Further, the employer could also reimburse the same amount that the employee incurs in obtaining a master’s degree but that degree should be related to the field in which the employee is working. Sliding … (more) April 5, 2013