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Employer Tuition Assistance-Ideal Way to Further Your Career

October 25,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Employer Tuition Assistance is a great way to pay your way through education without actually bearing the complete financial burden associated with the same. A number of companies provide such assistance to appease their employees and enhance in-house capabilities that may reflect later on the overall productivity and growth. In general, such assistance is provided for programs that are employer-sponsored and pays you through college. Such programs generate tax-free funds and mostly popular with students who want to pursue an MBA. You can get assistance for pursuing graduate and undergraduate courses. You can use the money extended in order to … (more) October 25, 2013

Military Aid – The Good and the Bad

October 12,2013 by: Dallas Browne

In common terms Military Aid is the kind of help that is provided to an ally for improved military infrastructure for defensive reasons. This can also be used for the purpose of assisting a poor and weak country for maintaining control of its own territory. A country can also get military aid during a counter-insurgency effort or at certain times rebel groups fighting another country for independence are also eligible for receiving these aids. For many different reasons military aid has always remained a controversial subject. Apart from providing direct help with military personals and weapons, military aid to a … (more) October 12, 2013

Employer Tuition Assistance – The Secret of Having a Better and More Loyal Workforce

October 09,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Employer tuition assistance, which is also often termed as EAP or Employee Assistance Programs are actually beneficial learning facilities fully or partially sponsored by the employers. The intention behind the design and implementation of such programs is to deal with employee personal problems or need of better efficiency for improved professional performance. Tuition assistance programs are a kind of employee benefit in which the employer reimburses the cost of continuing further education. There are many companies that offer reimbursement benefits even for education that is not directly related with the job profile of the employees. According to a survey … (more) October 9, 2013