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A Must Know About Employer Tuition Assistance

July 06,2014 by: Dallas Browne

In a nutshell, Employer Tuition Assistance programs are generally run through an employer’s human resource department whereby an employee can take a collage course for undergraduate or graduate to be paid for by employer. Most employers normally extend this assistance to their employees who want to enroll for MBA and even for doctorate degree. This program is in the form of opportunity for employee to expand his or her knowledge while still working under his or her employer. In order for the employer to benefit extensively on the program, the employer will make sure that the course the employee is pursing is directly or indirectly related to the work of the company.

Apart from an employee benefiting from this program, the employer on the other can also benefit from it as the increase in the skill of employee will result into overall increase in the efficiency of the employee’s work, which will affect the work or business of the company in the positive direction. In most cases, the employee is expected to pay full amount required in the enrollment period to be reimbursed by the employer when the employee submits receipt to the employer. The nature of this program differs from employer to employer as some employers normally pay full amount including money for textbooks and lab fee.

More so, most employers who incorporate Employer Tuition Assistance normally require that the employees submit a passing grade of A, B or even C. In some companies the employer may decide to pay full amount only to the employee that made A, pay something lesser to employee that made B and lastly to the employee that made C. The main reason for the evidence of the grade is for the employer to be sure that the employee is utilizing the money spent on him or her.

However, in order for the employers to ensure that the money they spent on the employee is not in vain, they normally compel the employee to sign an agreement about the number of years they will work in the company before they will be free to leave. For that reason Employer Tuition Assistance can serve as a way to ensure longevity of employee in a particular company. If you as an employee decide to leave your employer before the agreed period of time, you will be compelled to pay the amount of money your employer spent on you in full.

It is important for you to note that this program does not include payment of transport fare, meals, lodging, or other supplies except textbooks. So, while planning to leverage this wonderful program, you need to confirm through the human resource manager of your company if your company offers the employee assistance.

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