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Convincing Your Employer for Tuition Assistance – Advantages and Disadvantages

June 28,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Employer assistance is one of the more novel ways of paying for your college. The trend of people working for a few years to gain valuable experience and then pursuing higher education is constantly on the rise. Part of it is also because many people find their true interest only after joining in a job. They are also in a much better position to take a decision about what career they want to pursue a few years into their job than when they were in Degree College.

While some people save for their college expenses and tuition fees, others prefer financial assistance. However, not all people can successfully get sufficient financial aid as federal laws have lot of stipulations including financial condition of the student, credit history in some cases etc. Moreover, the interest amount constantly accrues over the loan and repaying the loan amount can prove to be quite a headache once a person completes higher studies thus putting pressure on him or her to get a high paying job.

Seeking employer assistance is hence a good idea for people especially those who have a few years of experience at the same firm. The first obvious reason you can give your employer is the fact that more education in case of same domain is going to add value to your job. It will not only help your productiveness but also help your career in the company.

A person is always better equipped to handle problems and devise solutions if he or she is educated and that too with a purpose. Some people might want to pursue higher education in a different domain as they find their interest there. There are many multinational companies which hire employees across a spectrum of domains from IT services to financial roles. Such companies can find some advantage in hiring the student after he or she finishes higher education. This is one more reason why it is possible to convince your employer to sponsor your higher education.

From the company’s perspective, its culture comes before anything else. If you are someone who has taken to the company’s culture and has proved it consistently, it is very likely that the employer is reluctant to part with you. This is one reason why most companies prefer hiring people who have worked earlier with them as they already are part of the work ethics and culture at the firm which is so very important. Therefore productivity, company’s culture, past track records and performance are all reasons through which you can make a compelling case before your employer to provide tuition assistance for you.

There are however a few disadvantages in receiving tuition assistance from your employer. The first is the contract which almost all companies have you signed before providing assistance. This curtails your freedom to choose the job of your choice after your education at least for a few years. Secondly, the pay you receive after your higher education is usually not what you would expect after adding another cap to your feather. These are two scenarios you need to consider along with the advantages to decide if you want to give a shot at convincing your employer to provide tuition assistance for your higher education.

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