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Employer tuition assistance is benefit for Employers and Some Employees

April 05,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Several employees have benefited over the past many decades due to the employer tuition assistance that their employers offered to them. This tuition assistance or free education program included reimbursement of certain types of tuition fees. Companies are allowed to pay up to 90% of the costs that the employee spends in earning a bachelor degree in whichever field the employee wants to get the degree. Further, the employer could also reimburse the same amount that the employee incurs in obtaining a master’s degree but that degree should be related to the field in which the employee is working.

Sliding Scale Reimbursement Model for Employer Assistance for Education

The employees could even obtain certifications related to their jobs under the employer tuition assistance program. There are certain conditions related to these reimbursement programs but they are not too stringent or difficult conditions. However, all organizations are not eligible to offer this educational assistance to their employees without restrictions. Further, many companies provide reimbursement for the education of their employees but the employees would need high grade point average (GPA) in their education to receive the full benefits of such assistances. A few companies would accept even a ‘C’ grade to enable the employees receive complete reimbursement. However, most companies adopt reimbursement policies based on a sliding scale model. Nearly all the high schools and colleges in the U.S. offer a four-point grading system of their students. A is grade 4, B is grade 3, C is grade 2, D is grade 1, and F is grade zero. Further grades like A+, B+, etc. as well as A-, B-, etc. Hence, the reimbursement amounts would vary with the grades that the employees achieve when they utilize their employer tuition assistance.

Stipulation of Continuation in Job for Specific Periods

Apart from these financial assistance restrictions, most companies also insist that the employees should continue to work in the same company for a certain number of years after they have completed the course, so that they would be eligible for the reimbursements. Usually, this period varies between three and five years. The main reason that employers impose such stipulations is due to the reason that they anticipate that the employees would achieve even higher talents and skills. They expect that such enhancement of skills should be useful to the company, which is quite a reasonable expectation. The employees also have the option of leaving the company after paying the amount that they have received as financial aid for their education.

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