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How to Convince your Employer to Give you Tuition Assistance

July 12,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Most employees working in organizations nowadays are benefiting immensely from Employer Tuition Assistance programs. However, there are a huge number of employees who are taking student loans to fund their studies. Before you start applying for student loans it is important you know conclusively if your employer can finance your studies. If your organization does not have tuition assistance programs in place, you will have to be a pioneer and lobby for them. The art of successful negotiation requires that each party must desire something from the other. If you want your employer to fund your studies, you must be able to show that such an action will not only benefit you but also benefit the company. Once your employer understands this, he will come forward himself in the future.

The first step is identifying a course or degree that directly relates to your work or company. This will make it easier to sell the idea to your employer as they will directly relate with how such a course will better your work and consequently benefit the company.

It is important that you show commitment to the company. Loyalty is something that each employer cherishes. Make sure you have been in the company for a while before you start lobbying to get employer tuition assistance. Similarly make sure you show that you are with the company for the long run by committing in the form of a tenure agreement. Make a commitment to yourself to not leave the company before the contractual period ends.

When you go to make your case with your employer have a list of the benefits that the company will get from your studies and the concerns your employer might have. Clearly explain to your employer how acquiring a degree/ diploma will improve your proficiency at the job and professionalism of the company. Show how acquiring such skills will save the company money by enabling you to multitask instead of hiring another specialist. Show your employer that your studies will not take time from your job as you will take night/ weekend classes.

When you approach your company executives for Employer Tuition Assistance, ensure that you can show that the venture is beneficial to the company; it is cheaper than any alternative and will not eat up company time. If you present your facts well you will get the aid you need.

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